Friday, 28 August 2009

{Fashion} The bags I have & the bags I want~

This is my bag collection-- for Summer's 1st Giveaway.
Click [here] to get directed to her giveaway post (and to see the prizes!)

I tried to keep it to as few photos as possible; but I have quite a lot of bags=__=..
I don't use most of them. But then again I don't want to part with them^^

my handbags

my bigger bags

my going-out bags/clutches

my totes and medium sized bags
(makes my bed look so small.haha)

my favourite; which is also my most expensive bag--
Vivienne Westwood Summer 08 Pink Metallic -£190

I adore this bag because it has so much room and it's pink!^^
+ the keyring that came with it is so cute.


The bags I want but can't afford :( --

Vivienne Westwood Ebury Bag Cream -£455
Vivienne Westwood Ebury Bag Red -£455
Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas NEVERFULL MM -£405

Longchamp x Jeremy Scott "Rose" Pliage Bag

YSL Chain Handbag in Grey Printed Lizard Suede -£980 (aprox)!

The bag that I want and can get^^--

Since I'm saving, designers bags are out of the question for the time being. Luckily I don't just have expensive taste. I've been looking for a nice vintage satchel bag. I've found a few on Ebay.. so hopefully I can win a bid on a nice one~^^

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!



  1. Wow you have a wonderful collection of bags, so pretty. You have awesome taste in the bags you want in the future too, very nice post. Good luck in the contest!

  2. You have such a wide range of a bag collection!
    I love that pink Vivienne westwood bag you got so cute!
    Shan x

  3. wow i like the Longchamp x Jeremy Scott "Rose" Pliage Bag.. love it.. i love longchamp bags.. i got 3~~ abit mad over it.. i got the neverfull damier thou... bought it like last mth or last 2 mths ago.. cant remember.. Love it.. u got great taste.. i think.. bag doesnt have to be expensive to be nice.. as long as.. the one carrying it is nice~ like u~~ :)


  4. You are so organized! I have the Damier Canvas NEVERFULL MM, it's awesome fits everything in there.
    Good luck on the contest!

  5. Hi hun,

    The "medium brown bag u've got and the pink one in the first photo (i love everything in pink) :) i've enter u in my contest hun...let me know which prize u will wish to win in my chat box yah? waiting for your reply


  6. Hi hun..i've recieved your comment in my contest page..Prize #1 right? noted!! thanks!!

  7. Hi darl!! you have so many nice bags! im mad about bags too lolz...but trying to control the urge now XD i love your evening out bags, nice variety :)

  8. Wow. You put my bags to shame.

    I have like, 4, and I only use two.

    I've been eyeing the classic chanel bag rip offs that they sell in Topshop, but I really want a real one. I am so not getting one, I can't afford it. =_____=