Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Jaebeom Hwaiting ! ❤

Its official--The leader of 2PM: Park Jaebeom has left the group and Korea.
I was shocked to hear about it; since the MySpace message controversy only came about last week. He returned to Seattle today! Everything has happened so quick. TT

5th Sept
Offensive myspace messages of which read "Korea is gay" and "I want to back to the States" written by Jaebeom surfaced and caused the scandal. The controversial messages dated back to 2005; when the Korean-american had just came to Korea as a trainee under JYP entertainment. At the time, he didn't understand or speak the language and had trouble adapting to the Korean lifestyle.

Straight away; Jaebeom posted an apology on 2PM's fan site; admitting and apologising for his wrong doings.
However unconcerned Anti-fans/Netizens carried on petitioning for the 2PM leader to be banned from broadcast shows and from the group.

Another petition titled "Jaebeom Should Commit Suicide" was created on Agora and over 3000 people signed to it! -- This is what got me most! How insane? Why would anyone wish death upon a person; for an insult. He didn't commit a crime!

7th Sept
JYP states that all broadcasting schedules and all music performances have been cancelled. Recording for new album will go on. Jaebeom will not be kicked out of the group.

The "Jaebeom Should Commit Suicide" petition was taken off and an encouraging petition; "Please Forgive Our Jaebeom Just This Once" took it's place; gaining over 6000 signatures within two days. Despite this; many other Netizens carried on with their aim to get rid of Jaebeom.

8th Sept
Jaebeom decides to and leaves 2PM; and Korea to return to USA.
Leaving with his final words: "I apologize..I'm sorry"...
"What more can I say? I am just so sorry to the loving fans and the members who had trusted me and followed me. I am sorry that I had to leave this way, I did not fulfill my responsibilities as a leader and was just a burden, so I decided on leaving the group."

Fans and some Netizens show regret; as later myspace comments showing Jaebeom's positive change of mind on Korea are found. The person who uncovered the offensive myspace comments apologises.

What becomes of 2PM?
JYP is to postpone the pre-decided comeback album release date; which was meant to be in Oct. And there are talks about selecting Junho as the new leader and/or adding a new member.

What becomes of Park Jaebeom?
He states he's returning to US to study music. Upon leaving at the airport he said "I will stay healthy in America. I will come back as a better person."... ?

[all info found at AsianFanatics]

What I think..
He did wrong; he changed his opinion and he apologized. It's a real shame to see him leave. He spent 5 years as a JYP trainee. 2PM only debuted last year and now at their highest; the leader of the group is to leave.

I know that many fans are upset and angry at him leaving. But there are people in Korea that still want him dead!- so I don't blame him for leaving.
aa.. I miss him already TT I hope things are only brighter and better for him in the future.

[haha. I tried and failed to do Dara's teary selca look-- she's just too good at it]

Jaebeom & 2PM Hwaiting!

[Sorry for not blogging-- I've been lazy. My Gmarket haul came!!
& the prizes for Lotus Palace's Giveaway^o^-- I will post asap. I need some sleep now^^
night night

Hope everyone is having a good week ]



  1. awwww that sucks! it's not going to be the same w/out him *tear*

    on a positive note, can't wait to see ur gmarket stuff! :)

  2. ah yea, it sucks he had to leave. I don't get how anyone would of taken what he said seriously, some people really need to lighten up =P i actually thought it was more of a joke what he said.. and i even read on some forums people saying " im korean and yes koreans are gay " xD and to add to that, its a 4 year old comment , who cares right? besides, if i bet anyone in his situation back then being new in korea would of thought something similar, being somewhere your not accustomed to and stuff.

  3. omg!!!!! he really left!!!!! NOOOOO :( :( :(

    im really sad too

    i actually like 2pm's songs

    here .....this is my fave: angel

    whats your fave songs from them??

  4. Awww what an unfortunate event. While he is entitled to his personal opinions, he already apologized and it's very wrong for people to go out of their way to make him leave and make him feel bad. That petition is especially terrible. I hope he gets lots of rest back home. :(

  5. Ha ha ha...u look so cute in those pictures,
    so many said that Jaebom leaving Korea was a really good drama and hot news to sell in the Korean entertainment, it made 2pm even more popular^^He is coming back so no worries~

  6. cute pose cover of dara.
    I can't believe the whole situation of Jaebeom.
    He is always teh mischiveous one.. He did wrong but he did apologize :(
    Gunna miss him.
    I can't beleive there is a 'Jaebeom should commit suicide' group.. I wonder who the heck made that petition.. Quite OTT
    Even though i'm a Taec Yeon fan.. I'm still wish that he will make a comeback some how.
    Shan x

  7. I agree with Kalmo! And that petition is ridiculous!!

    Well Dressed is my favourite blush (not that I own many hahaha). I hope that you'll like it as much as I do =D

  8. miss your posting!! though i read most from my mobilephone and cannot post any comment T-T
    btw netizen in korea is so well-known for their cruelty -.-" i still cant get over that but that's how things stand there. anyway, hwaiting to jaebeom!

  9. haha Dara is so funny, are those bits of tissue? cute pictures ^^. i wana see your gmarket stuff! i have no idea how to order from them. too confusing ><

  10. Hey girl~
    Thanks so much for the lovely birthday greeting. =) regards to Jay, he was pretty disrespectful back then about Koreans. I was never really a fan of his, but I do respect his decision. I'm a big Nickhun fan. hehe. =)

  11. hahahaha love the tears! omg so funny!

    And that's sad to hear about him leaving. I don't think that him posting something like that was cool and I can see why people are pissed about that... Some things are better to keep quiet... like how Taiwanese are more superior than the Chinese! JK JK (watch that an hour after this message gets published a group of chinese CIA is coming to get me and i mysteriouslly dissappear forever)

  12. wads done is done netizens can nvr make amends

  13. Poor Jay D= I just started listening to 2PM's songs and that's how i found out about jaeboom leaving the group. I'm starting to hate koreans >.> well...the idiots who LOVE ruining others life. I wish i could stand up for jaebeom just like BaekGa from koyote did >< newayz... HWAIITING JAY!!!! We're still supporting YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  14. I know! The flashmob was for Jay wasn't it? XP I saw dozen of those on YouTube! I didn't know 2pm was so populair outside asia...

  15. wow your a 2PM fan too! :D
    I completely agree with what you said about jaebum. Hopefully he'll return one day.