Monday, 27 June 2011

{Concert} SM TOWN LIVE IN PARIS 2011

SM TOWN 2011

This was the 1st time I'd been to a KPOP Concert^^
And it was the 1st time a KPOP Idol Concert had been held in Europe.
Tickets were sold out 15minutes; online!
My brother only managed to get 2 standing tickets.
So, sorry to our friends; me and him went~

It was held at Le Zenith in Paris.
Me and my brother flew to Paris on the day; and met some
friends who got a 17hr coach ride there.bless.
The weather wasn't good and our phones weren't working;
but the concert definitely made up for everything^^
I was surprised most of the fans were European;
French, Italian, Polish etc..
I even met a girl who flew from the States to be there.

All Saints Leather Jacket//Zipia Leopard vest
Hong Kong Denim Shorts//Black Opaque Tights
Zipia Patent Black Boots//Zipia Patent Quilted White Bag.

We got there 2 hours early..
which was late for people with standing tickets..

I'm glad we got standing tickets~
My feet were tired and swollen afterwards;
but we were soo close!
The stage had an extended platform;
which came out to the crowd!
It was a shame I didn't take my camera;
I just had my phone so photos taken inside were blurry.
My friends who had seats took some great photos;
I've stolen some from my friend Nippa; for you to see.^^

Sadly her camera ran out of battery before
DBSK came out~

We went to the Concert After Party;
but it wasn't too good.
Full of ride drunken people in a small outdoor hut;
with a DJ who didn't know KPOP and a bar menu which
consisted of vodka and a choice of 3 mixers and one tyoe of beer..

Overall, for the Concert it was worth the travel and expense;
and it still made up for the bad after party.
Hopefully next time I will get to see a concert
with YG Entertainment~


  1. omg those girls are SOOO cute! and I've never been to a k pop concert, I imagine it would be a lot of fun though!

  2. Oh my day ... so this was why richard went to paris...i am so jealous of you two!>< How on earth did richard manage to get the tickets??... is it true that Big bang is coming to Uk aswell?....

    Looks amazing^^ bet yous almost fainted when you saw them leh X]


  3. Ahhh!!! I'm so envious that you got to see SM Town liiiive!!! [>_<] I hold no hope for them to come to little Hawaii in the middle of the ocean so I dunno if I'll ever get to see them live :(

    Thanks for your "congrats" comment on my blog, luv!! I've been going through some IntenseDebate issues so my commenting form is all screwed up and my comments aren't showing anymore, but I just wanted to let you know that I got your comment! I gotta work on fixing to darn thing :(

    Have a great day! :)