Monday, 29 June 2009

{JuneShopping} Disney iRiver + Lunasol + My Beauty Diary masks..

I’ve been strapped for cash ever since feb; when I stopped my part time job cz of uni work.
I'm starting a new waitressing job on Friday^^ which is good. I need to pay back my overdraft; I went into it when I went to Hong Kong in Easter~__~

- Despite having negative amount of money in my account I can’t not shop at all!! It’s too hard but I do think I’ve done quite well with my spends since Easter.

The highlights -

Disney iRiver

I bought this last week. It was on sale!! for £15. I couldn’t resist + only 5 left. My friend bought one too^^ 1GB.. not a lot of space.. but enough for me.

Look at what I found online though!! These Swarovski encrusted Mickeys are so cute^^ There's loads of different designs. I just picked some I liked to show.

Love Edition iRiver - all limited
Specs same as the original



Smiley eye -
This is the updated version of the original(one I have). Its 'facial' expressions change according to what function you're on^^

- and this is the newer decorated version of it. Exclusive to Japan; selling for 16,500 Yen! (£104/$172).


I’m definitely going to buy some rhinestones to decorate mine^^ I can't decide on the colours and design though. I love the one with the pink bow.. but I like the one with smiley beads too..

- what do you's think??^^


Lunasol Intellectual eye 09 mauve variation

I was so happy when I got this through the post.
I bought this from Kathi’s blog sale; two weeks ago I think. Check out her blog [here]

The packaging is so cuute! Cats and pigs!!^o^ She included a mini Tony M
oly lip gloss too. So sweet of her!~ It’s the cutest bit of makeup I’ve seen. + a sweet note. Thanks again Kathi^^

The eyeshadow colours are really dainty and feminine. The top shades are not very pigmented but I love the navy shade; which blends in with the other colours nicely. So I'm very happy with this buy^^ and the price was soo good^^.


My Beauty Diary facial masks

I quite like these masks. They smell nice and money-wise: they’re a good deal. + cute packaging.
The one's I've used so far (Pearl powder, White rose) have worked quite well. But my brother tried one and it irritated his skin o__o.. so maybe not good for sensitive skin.


- Apart from those.. I bought a straw trilby, work uniform and random makeup.. But that’s it!! For three months! that’s all I’ve bought.O__o No shoes! No clothes!- (work uniform doesn't count¬__¬)

I haven't started but I can’t wait to get paid^3^~ I’ve already planned a Gmarket Haul with my friend~___~ And there’s stuff on Etsy and the SUMMER SALES!!



  1. Sooooooooo adorable. Love all things Mickey!

  2. i remmeber those days of "overdraft" haha i kinda miss it :P the iriver is cute tho, worth it! xD

    ohhh lunasol.... ive not been tempted yet but cute palette :)

  3. lovely post and those irivers are so cute <3

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment!! I absolutely love those Mickey things, they're MP3 players??? Where can I get mine hands on those adorable things??? lol...


  5. aww those mickey mouse stuff are so cute! I don't use mp3s anymore but I would def get one of those just cuz they're absolutely adorable

  6. hi :) since i've not had an e-mail from you, i assume you didn't know you are one of the winners of the scarf giveaway??

    if you want the scarf, please email me your delivery address to


  7. thanks :) and i know! it's been so crazy

  8. helooo gorgeous! thanks for the visit and comment!
    i am loving ur blog!
    will follow for sure

  9. where did u get the beauty diary masks from? I want to get some..
    N how much were they?
    You have a super cute blog going on!

  10. Thanks for replying and for the help.
    It helped a lot.
    Im taking a guess in shops like sasa/watsons/mannings?
    Shan x

  11. That probably explains why then..My friend cant seem to find them in hk lols..><

    Ahh thank you..Ill def keep a look out for them here and there.