Tuesday, 14 July 2009

{Fashion} Sugar pink flowers~ & Tynemouth.

I've been quite busy this week or so; sorting university stuff/catching up with friends/farewells/parties...and shopping^^ phew..

This is what I wore last Thursday (for shopping, then farewell party).
My shirt dress and beads are from GEORGE @ASDA! Who would've thought supermarket clothing lines could be so fashionable?O__o

I love the light 'icing pink' shade^^ I went looking through some magazines & found some lovely yummy pink colours too~

ViVi- june 09
Rinka is so pretty here.
Her blouse is so cute and I love her jewellery.

Beautiful maxi dress^^

The bright pink dress really complements her skin colour.

I like the last outfit the most & I want the shades~

Cute rings!

S Cawaii- may 09
*random* strawberry choc compact mirror

Ceci- march 09
Son Dam Bi looks so radiant here~
The pale pink/peach shade makes her look really chic~

*extra* For you BBF fans.. a cute pic of Lee Min Ho~ XD
It's hard the believe he's only one month older than me!


Summer Sales

I got these cute bow clips; £3 for the pair at Accessorize. They're having a 50% off sale at the moment^^

And John Lewis are/were having a 10% discount week on selected brands~ I got myself another Dior lipstick- Addict High Shine in 454 Rose Show and I got Clinique’s Brush On Cream Liner in 02 True Black.

This cardigan wasn’t on sale(haha) but I really liked it. It’s from Topshop.


Place: Tynemouth Beach

I live about 10-15mins from the coast. I went at the weekend for the "Mouth of the Tyne festival". It's not normally this packed on a regular day. But it does always look this pretty(bar rainy days^^).

If only everyday were like this~__~




  1. Rinka is pretty! my bf said shes like in her late 20s or early 30s but she looks so young! nice haul.. i miss topshop!

  2. hey, thx for dropping by my blog ~~~
    OMG OMG I love ur blog, I'm gonna add u to my reader list or follower thing hehe..

    and I'm gonna go buy thet vivi mag looks interesting..

    btw love ur outfit and ur hair

  3. Very cute outfits ,I love Rinka and Vivi Magazine^^