Monday, 10 August 2009

{Fashion} Han Hyo Joo's Wedding Dresses + WGM's Photos

I found this beautiful wedding dress editorial of Han Hyo Joo a while back.
My first recollection of her was from Spring Waltz(2006) and she looked so thin and fragile then(- maybe to suit the act?). But she looks so beautiful and elegant now~ Still thin but much healthier.

Classy vintage backdrops teamed with angelic ruffles
~ so romantic
This is my fave dress; I like how her legs are silhouetted
through the veil under the dress body. + the cute mini hat.
[photos from]

The photos below are from another wedding dress photo shoot.
[photos from]


I know quite alot of girls/families/couples who have been to China/Taiwan to get professional photos done(-better qual. and cheaper than UK) but if I get the chance I would want to do it 'Korean-style'.lol I loved the photoshoots in "We Got Married"(MBC's reality variety show). So many cute ideas; it looks so fun^^

These are a few of my fave photos from the show--

HyunJoong & HwangBo
(my fave couple. I stopped watching when they left T_T)

Crown J & InYoung
(InYoung's shoe collection^^)

Andy & Solbi

Marco & DamBi
--did a video along with the photoshoot.
--hehe look at that guy on the right XD



  1. Those are really pretty wedding dresses*Inyoung's wedding pictures are so funky^^

    Last year, I accidentally came across SS501's free concert here and I got to see the guys,OMG..HyunJoong was extremely handsome^^

  2. I love fave couple was alex n shinae. Shame they kept changing it. But yeh I love the photo shots they did.. They were so contemporary whereas in china/Taiwan they tend to be more traditional or either kinda the same.

    Han Hyo Joo is so pretty in the shots.