Thursday, 6 August 2009

{OOTD} Dappled footpaths~

It was a lovely day so we went for a picnic and walk at the park. I learnt that I need some better 'walking' shoes and that I don't wear this heart locket enough-- I love lockets; they're romantic and secretive.. I never put anything in them though..haha^^

Outfit-- white vest- Topshop pink vest(underneath)- Topshop pink cardigan- black shorts- H&M black leggings- Topshop black pumps- New Look heart locket- Oasis beaded necklace- George @ASDA bag- Guess



  1. I love lockets too!! Haha that's too funny that you don't put anything in them, I never do either.. the picture and the size of the picture always gets me! haha..


  2. Those pictures look very dreamy and beautiful^^ Love ur outfits*

  3. I AM LOVING YOUR STYLE girl..and oooh and the music just lull's me to sleep, love yiruma!

    yeah brow shaping its like so important to me, its top of my list..hahaha..

    i hope to do more vids when I can, and thanks for dropping by =)

  4. Cute outfit!! LOve the necklace, very pretty!

  5. i have lockets too ! but i think yours is better haha

  6. You have a wonderful blog. I'm a bit dissapointed not to discover it earlier! But thank you for leaving such an encouraging comment on my blog so I can found yours too. I learnt a lot, and your comment help me to find the way out of the gloomy days... You're just too kind. Thank you so much! Please stay in touch. You have many beautiful photos, great style and pretty blog-design as well... I definitely will keep coming :)

    I'm so glad to know you!!

    Lots of love,
    Clara. :)

  7. ^_^ thanks for following me, your blog is super cute too! I love your taste in music too =) i've ordered the tshirts already, i hope i get enough people also! xD

  8. Cute outfit. Looks good for walking.

  9. these are all so cute!