Tuesday, 1 December 2009

{D.I.Y.} Tee with Zipped Shoulders

I was browsing through Zipia and I thought this top looked quite cool.
But it's so simple. It's just a tee with zips at the shoulders...

So instead of paying $24USD (not inc. p&p);
I bought a plain baggy mens top from H&M,
two zips from the haberdashery and
brought out mum's sewing machine^^

.: result:.

top- DIY
leggings- Zipia.net
heels- Office
bag- Jimmy Choo for H&M



  1. the zipper top is so cute!!!! ..you are right it's so easy to make..too bad i don't know how to sew! ^__*

    I love your outfit, very simple and chic

  2. wow how awesome you have an eye for clothing

  3. Awesome job on the diy zipper tee!!! =)
    At times, I can't believe how a tee with just one embellishment can cost more than it is worth.
    Very simple and stylish outfit.

  4. Wow, I love the result..ur outfit is so chic^^

  5. Girl, you're a GENIUS!!~ =) Looks really stylish~~

  6. AH this is so cool kalai! :D Like this DIY! ^^
    But it's going to be hard for me to sew :( I'm not good at sewing :(

  7. Wow, that's amazing, good idea =)i love this post! zipia is annoying esp when you just want one piece ><