Tuesday, 1 December 2009

{Beauty} NEW Circle Lenses- Black + Green

I've had blue grey green brown coloured lenses--
but black ones?? I never thought I'd want black eyes when my eye colour is dark anyways.
But look, they make my eyes look bigger than any other circle lens I've had..
My friend asked me what I'd done to my eyes. ha~

I bought them from "De Moi, Pour Vous"
I can't remember how much they were..
but there was a promotion going on; whereby
if you bought one pair; took a photo of yourself with them on,
send to the seller; then the seller would give you a pair for free!!(at your choice too).
Great deal^^ but even better is that there was a little delay due to customs
so as compensation she sent both pairs out to everyone.

I still haven't done my part of the deal;
because I forgot(typical) what exactly I had to do.
So I'm awaiting reply^^~~

I bought EOS Circle lens in GBK-2

Big difference, you see--?

& the free pair I chose was V-209LB Green

These look bit like my GEO angel browns--
Going to save these ones for later^^

I want to try purple ones and GEO nudy quarters..
Has anyone tried them??



  1. Looks pretty on ur eyes,I have only tried the grey color^^

  2. I've got a pair of grey GEO waiting for me lolz coz I still havent used up my other pairs...wait, I still have 2 more pairs to go before the GEO hahaha..
    the black one sure makes your eyes much bigger, next time Im gonna try black!
    how are you dear? long time no update :)

  3. Pretty~~ It does make your eye look bigger! I'd love to see what you look like with the green pair =)

  4. hehe I got the green ones at first they're a bit scratchy but now it's better! I love the grey ones, I want to order them :D I def bookmarked the seller's site, thanks for letting us know!

  5. I got my sister a green one. I want one too!! Maybe something more natural like hazel ;)

  6. they look lovely on u
    i havent tried many geo lenses so i dont know either

  7. yup black ones make your eyes look the biggest ^^