Thursday, 31 December 2009

{Haul} Christmas Presents + Post-Christmas Sales!!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas^^

This is what I got for Christmas..

Aiptek Media Tablet
Bobbi Brown LIPS Glitter Lip Balm Palette
Pretty Scarf
Sheep Slippers
Bath stuff
Red wine & Champagne
Cute keyrings

H&M Leopard Faux Fur Coat
+ money^^

Thank you Santa(s) xx


& This is what happened on my Christmas day..

Visit from 'Santa 3' aka cousin^^

Xmas night-- Party time @DragonI

There's always a need for a 'girls only photo'~~

And there is always someone that gets a dildo from 'Secret Santa' ¬__¬

By the Christmas tree^^

And what we do at these 'parties'??
Drinking games and Karaoke~

David's 'special' game^o^
+ and Faye's Chivas + green tea concoction



Post-Christmas Sales..

The Sales have been so good this year^^
and extra extra busy!! Most people hate it being so busy.
But I love it!~ It's a race and battle to get to the best bargain!Ha~

Here are few things I've picked up (so far^^)..

Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura
- Planet Ribbon Palette
(from £46 to £23)

Benefit - Powderazzi
(from £25 to £16.66)

Laura Mercier - deluxe mini brush set
incudes 5 double ended brushes
-lip and brow groomer brush
-secret camouflage and camouflage powder brush
-smudge and flat eye liner brush
-creme cheek colour and cheek colour brush
-eyecolour and ponytail brush

Marc Jacobs - Daisy boxset
-50ml eau de toilette spray
-75ml body lotion
-3ml eau de parfum rollerball

D&G - Rose The One boxset
(£46 to £32)
-50ml eau de toilette
-75ml body lotion
Warehouse - leopard jumper dress
(£45 to £30)
- wearing this for New Years Eve.
so you will see later XD

Apart from the Benefit powder everything else was the 'LAST ONE' in store.
^^ I like hearing last one and half price~~lol

I think I picked up some good bargains.
But I know I've spent too much on things I don't really need.
Think I will have to sell some things =__=
- maybe the perfume and maybe even the Laura Mercier brush set.

If anyone is interested in anything I've bought give me a shout~
(apart from the Benefit powder set).
Also I bought 2 of the Shu Uemura palettes XD

Happy Sale Shopping!!~~

And HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
All the very very best for 2010!!




  1. woooooo! looks like a good time! i love the slippers you got! hehe! have a very happppy new year! :)

  2. Hey girl!

    Looks like you had a great Christmas and lots of awesome gifts. =)

    Great photos! It's always great to hang out with friends during the holiday. =)

  3. Lovely stuff u got for Christmas ^^the party looks so much fun and I love ur Leopard Faux Fur Coat^^

    Happy New Year 2010, wish u all the best luck*

  4. happy new year!!! wow awesome goodies you got for xmas and after xmas :)

  5. happy new year kalai!
    great that u had a good time! :D

  6. happy new year and i just stumbled on your site by bloghopping cute site you have :) happy new year first of all and look at all the stuff you got. <3 the furcoat. i love animal print and that is just super cute. take care

  7. aww I like that pattern of the scarf you got! And that leopard jacket is ADORABLE <3 hehe looks like a good time, yeah I got a dildo for secret santa once too LOL

  8. Really? Awesome haha! For what reason? Haha doesn't matter flashmob=flashmob XP

    Haha yeah there were quite a lot things left! No major chaos X) And a few weeks could still buy the jewelry/clothing and some returned shoes XP

  9. Awesome bargains, girl! Yay! :D Great pressies and Christmas pics! Thanks for following my blog. So glad I found your blog. I'm following you now!

  10. Well you have certainly had a very merry Christmas. ;)
    Love the pictures. Adorable!

  11. looks like you had fun~
    wow that's areally good deal for the shu palette

  12. that coat is cute cute
    and yay for tons of fun!

    loooove all ur buys!

  13. Haha yes me too! Ah yess...L'oreal didn't work for either -_- I bought a bright red once and I got a red/purplish glow you got only see in the light.
    I think that blonde might work...but wait... won't it turn yellow?! 0_o I remember when I got my hair turned yellow...

    Haha I would go with you...But I can't dance either... XP

  14. hi thanks for commenting!
    yea for burts bees i was never a big fan of mint but i may try the pomegranate version or green tea version next, hopefully they have a different scent

  15. i want a media tablet thing!! that drawing pad right:)! so fun!! also thank you for your feedback on everyday makeup. i get so bored of my own haha need to just be more spontaneous i guess !! hope u had a gd xmas hehe x

  16. thanks for commenting, I see that you haven't updated in a while, so I'm not late wishing you a happy new year I guess?

    I like your new products, and I love daisy!


  17. Yeah I love that outfit too! Haha just get the biker boots! I'm sure they will look good! :D

    I don't know if blond dye is different...But maybe it's smarter to start with light brown haha...The Jap ones are safe for sure X)

    Haha cool... Did he learn from the MV? I wish I could pick up steps by watching vids a couple of times!

  18. Haha yesss I did get back to work! 8)..and worked till deep in the night...

    Thanks! Ehh...yeah..the nails took me a looong time! More than 30min for sure!

    OOH! I really liked that Iphone cover too! *_* I wanted to buy it for my niece..but ended up buying other things with the print XP

    Ghaha nope no yoga class! Sometimes I just do random poses for fun! X) I did take Pilates lessons though...I'm sure yoga will improve your flexibility..haha legs on the neck in no timeXP

    Whahaha that was supposed to be just kind of mutated....

    Yeah same here... but that dance seemed so easy to learn! Whut?! Genie?*_* I want too learn that one too...*envies your brother*XP But I took steps to improve my dancing...I applied for Fusion dance...Hmmm

  19. holy smokes! I converted your savings price to USD and it's like the regular price we have here o_O!! well except for the shu uemura lol, I don't think I would be able to eat if I lived in the UK :) I'm so grateful for the US prices even though I still think it's expensive! :X

  20. how u been:) ive finally put up some stuff to sell and will slowly get there! i remember u advised me to sell straight from the blog but somehow i ended up using ebay! have a look when u get a chance hehe~ x

  21. Thanks for entering my giveaway =3

    and btw I gave you an award ^^