Friday, 25 December 2009

:.*.: Wishing you Merry Christmas :.*.:

Merry Christmas girls~~
Hope you's are having a great day~


It snowed last week here and it hasn't melted yet^^
-- we haven't had a white Christmas in years.
I was so excited I went out to take a pic and
slipped face down in the snow;
knocking over my neighbours typical..
but it's so pretty^^

:. Christmas Eve .:
Work xmas meal
So many presents.. shame not all for me.
*Secret santa*
I got a bottle of Rioja wine^^ good stuff~~
lol.. the funniest present.. aidan(below left)
got a box of instant noodles.
-- my brother is the 'cool' one in the middle.
everyone says our 'i'm-not-impressed' face is identical.ha~


:. Presents from Me .:

This is the first plush toy I made (tut to come later).
He isn't perfect and he looks funny but nevermind.
My friend likes him.

+ Vivienne Westwood shooting star green
+ nano orb earrings
-- we don't like wearing a pair of big earrings..
so I bought 2 pairs and gave one of each to
my friend and kept the others^^

Other presents I bought for the girls..
BarryM nail polish--
I really wanted to have these colours for myself.
But I can't have painted nails for work=__=

-- one of my fave eye shadows at the moment
MAC Mineralize- Under your Spell


:. Christmas Day .:

We don't do Christmas diner in our 'Chinese' house^^
or bother with decorations.
We go out for lunch/yam cha every year.
We chill at home. Parents go visit next doors.
Then at night usually I go to a Christmas party..
All the same this year too.

How did you's spend Christmas this year??

Either way hope you's are eating lots
and drinking plenty.ha~

Take care and keep warm^^



  1. Happy Christmas!! The presents you got for others seem REALLY CUTE AND NICE! I love dimsum!

  2. Aww.. u look so pretty in those pictures Kalai^^and ur brother does look so cool, he looks like those Taiwanese celebs^^
    I so love the picture of the white snow , ur plush toy looks really cute and I also love ur Vivienne earings,u know that I am a big fan of VW^^
    Merry Christmas to u again~

  3. Merry Xmas! one day late sorry, I hope you had a great time! you're lucky you got a white xmas ^^ p.s. i love your hair =)

  4. Hi kalai! Merry Christmas!!! The snow looks gorgeous I love White Christmas :) You look cute as always in your picures

  5. awwww, i wish we had a white christmas :( boooo!!!! belated merry christmas kalai! ;P

  6. aww you look so cute!!! Your hair is lovely <3 and haha there's soo much snow back in my city I'm actually glad it's green here at my parents city but yeah there's a sense of magic to a white christmas for sure.

  7. Kalai, a very merry christmas to you too my dearest :) mine is a traditional one as always, church with family then followed by dinner. simple but I love it ^^
    I hope your new year will be as good too!!loving you pics, you're so cute!