Wednesday, 17 March 2010

{Wanted} Jo Kwon's Headphones in "I Did Wrong"

I've always wanted a good set of over head DJ-style headphones.
But I've never found any I really like . . until now! XD

In the 2AM MV drama for "I Did Wrong"
it looks like Jo Kwon is wearing . .

Audio Technica ATH-PRO700GD in Premium Gold. Limited Edition.

I like how simple and pro these look^^
but they are actual DJ/Monitoring headphones;
and I'm not a DJ^^" so not much point in me getting them.

The portable DJ-style headphones[below] are perfect but there isn't much of a colour range~
Audio Technica ATH-SJ3 WH

Audio Technica ATH-SJ5 BK

Others I like are from Skullcandy . .
Skullcandy Ti Brown/Gold

Skullcandy Ti Tokidoki
-i like the colours but the shape is bit too bold and chunky for me.


these headphones are really cute and seem really popular with Asians
-but don't you think this too cute and 'young' for me ^^"

Aaaa.. What to get??!
What do you guys think?

+ other query^^
I got my hair cut(3 inches off)
and hair dyed BROWN!
But it doesn't look much different at all!¬__¬
I want to dye it again lighter with a home pack
but does anyone know if that'll work?
cz I only got this done 2 weeks ago~

Let me know if you do know~^^


[mv stills taken from 2AM MV Drama "I Did Wrong"]
[images from Audio Technica Skullcandy and Google]


  1. I love 2am new song.
    Tbh i love love them all.
    But i think the skull candy in brown gold is pretty and suits most outfit. Despite that i have mixstyle lols. N nope i dont think they would be to 'young' for u. im pretty sure u wud pull it off well.

    Shan x

  2. Wow, those Audio Technicas are crazy cool. I do like the Mix-Style ones...hehe. They are all great choices really. :) Have you tried Japanese hair dye? They have an extraordinary amount of bleach in them so they should lighten your hair.

  3. I really like the Skullcandy brown/gold one! XD It's nice chunky! But I have the Skullcandy Lowrider which is a lot slimmer and you can fold it easily!

  4. wa.. I love the mix style headphone! :D
    it's been a long time since I visited ur blog!
    you look pretty in the picture! :D

  5. Kalai, you look lovely with the new curls :) I'd say wait for abit before you do anything with your hair again. give it more time to "breathe"
    I love those headphones...where can you buy them?I wanna buy one for hubby coz he's been wanting one :) i'm eyeing the skulcandy

  6. Excuse me.. Can I Know how to buy the Audio Technica that jo Kwon's use I mean I want like his..

  7. Hey Adeline,
    I actually ended up buying the same pair as Jo Kwon but in Black. If you search online for "Audio Technica ATH pro 700 gd Gold" you should be able o find a seller.

  8. ah...i jz got the exact headphones which jo kwon was using in the 'I Did Wrong' MV lasnite~