Saturday, 17 April 2010

{Haul} He Qi Crystal Designs & FULLMOON~

Hey everyone~
Hope you all ate some chocolate and
got a chance to enjoy the SUN!

Yes! Finally the sun has started to come out for 2010^^
I love this time of year! ha~
Whenever the sun is out(even if it's still chilly)
people wear their sunglasses(indoors too!),
drive with the hood down and get out the BBQ's!
Love it~

Anyway, I've got a lot of blogging to catch up with!
So here's a few things I bought last month..
or maybe the month before that :s . .

Lisa @He Qi Crystal Designs sells beautiful handmade jewellery.
Her pieces feature Swarovski crystals;
which I'm sure many of you girls are familiar with.
But what made me choose her designs is her choice of links and chains~~
I think it makes the pieces look all the more elegant and pretty^^

I bought 2 pendants and she threw in a few freebies =)
TQ Lisa~

features a Swarovski Baroque pendant in Crystal AB.

Cute colourful pendant~ colour varies with lighting and background.
~very 'shiny' and light reflective.
~elegant chain attachment.

features a Swarovski Crystal Pegasus in Cystal Satin.

Cool shine pendant~ easy to match with outfits.
~elegant & pretty -or- cool & chic
~same beautiful chain attachment as Classic Alice.

Yukie @FULLMOON makes the prettiest false Hime nails!
She offers many designs in different styles, lengths and sizes
and the quality of the nails are incredible.

I also bought a pre-packed mix of 150 decor pieces from FULLMOON..
Haven't used them yet but I have many plans^^

I'm mid-writing a few posts so should be back soon!
Hope you are all well~
Take care!
~Miss you's~



  1. Hi Kalai, missed ur posts^^
    Love ur picture with the balloons, Happy Belated Easter to u too^^
    Lisa's creations look so beautiful as well as Yukie's false nails...

  2. Great haul! I esp love your bling =D

  3. Kalai:"Anyway, I've got a lot of blogging to catch up with! "

    Ghehe same here! XP I haven't done a proper post in a loooong time! I love the necklaces you picked out! And mainly because of the chain and links...pretty! Aww those decor pieces look awesome to! Looking forward for your creations! X)

    Yes, chilly but SUN finally! \\^0^//


  4. I'm fine thnx! Just lazing around because I regained my freedom after my papers. Haha yess very bright! But noooo I don't wear it out either...Can't imagine how I could eat a hamburger with that on XP Hehe...Actually I don't wear lipstick at all! Only lipbalm and sometimes lipgloss.

    Thnx...the webcam is a good tool for creepy pics and white faces XP