Thursday, 29 July 2010

{D.I.Y.} Deco-den: Cookie and Cream Style Phone Case


I'm sure you know someone else or many others who have 'your phone'.
Decorating your's can make it more personal to you and more original.

In Japan, decorating personal items is a very popular trend;
called 'Deco-den'; short for decorated denwa(telephone).
Despite the name,
'Deco-den' actually stands for anything decorated;
music players, portable game consoles, mirrors, trinkets..
anything that can be 'deco-ed out'.
[kodakumi and bling headphones]

[scan from Deco Venus; a magazine which showcases and teaches you how to decorate]

For phones, there are a few decor styles;
sticker decor, rhinestone decor,
3d decor and a more recently popular style-
sweets decor!

So which one to choose??
Your phone can determine which style is best and most practical.
-If you have a touch screen phone; it best to have a 'flatter' design.
Such as sticker sheet decor or rhinestone decor.
-like my samsung touch screen phone here.
NB// I bought sticker sheets for my ds and phone.
Cut to the right size and shape.. and stick on.
Simple, quick, widely available and cheap.

-If you have a flip phone; you can have anything^^
You can go for an all around rhinestone design,
or 3d design for the top.
Sweet decor can be the most original; as you can make
your own sweets and creams from molds and silicon piping.

I bought a Lollipop phone recently; so of course I had to decorate it~~
and of course it had to be Sweet themed^^

Cookie & Cream Style- Phone Case
I got a clear plastic case from Gmarket.
If your phone is available worldwide;
then you will most likely be able to find a cover on Ebay.

The decorations are from FancyPocket; shop based in Singapore.
They have a huge range and the prices are reasonable.
They sell pre-decored items too.
Another shop to consider; Sophie & Toffee; also based in SG.
The prices are better and has been recommended by Erynn.
Think I'll try this shop next time^^





  1. that's SO CUTE wow! your phone is so sweet ~
    i want deco-den now!

  2. adorable i have always wanted to do this!!!! looks amazing!

  3. i will def use this when I get my new phone(LG imprint) it's so small though am worried I won't find a case for it . How much did all this cost you? I went on fancy pocket and easily spent over 100$ on supplies. And i know it seems weird but i wondered how it feels to hold a phone thats all deco'ed out? like is it spikey or uncomfortable?

  4. arghh really cute and ediable! i souped up my phone too a couple of months ago but then i got an iphone lol.

  5. omg yours look so goood!
    I would not mind to do it on my big hand mirror... waah love this >O<

  6. kalai, you phone looks so yummy!! can i have a bite too?lolz I'd love to do my phone like that too!! so kawai!!

  7. omg that soo sweet >///<

    love them ^-^

  8. nice!! looks so yummyliciouss...

  9. Thanks, babe. Funny you should mention the bedhead thing. B/c my hair is naturally rebellious, this isn't usually a problem. LOL! I prefer having your sleek hair though. =)

  10. that's so cuteee and i like the cookie ='D formed in a star haha.. <3 new follower ^^

  11. aw cute cute, literally good enough to eat !!!


  12. woah this looks awesome :)

  13. ohh.. god... i love ur phone... super nice deco.. i jus got a pink camera but i wun deco it.. haha.. if i miss it... i CRY... hahha... come n help mi deco.. haha~~


  14. Wow that's so awesome! Hahaha I was once going to buy a blinged out face plate for my phone too but I think you're looks way awesome because it's the only one like it!

  15. すごくかわいい~!!
    あのう。。BLING HEADPHONEも自分で作る物の?

  16. thank you so much for this amazing article! you did a really great job :) love your hand phone^^
    have a great day :)

  17. im getting a new phone soon, MAYBE I SHOULD BLING IT UPPPP :P

  18. Super cute.. looks yummy hehe..
    Ive been away for so long so its nice to be catch up on my fave blogs.
    Thanks for ur comment about jumpsuits haha maybe i will buy one n be daring XD
    Shan Shan xx

  19. pass by... it's so adorable, but I could never make it that pretty T_T

  20. =^___^= kawaii <'33
    i hate my country cuz they don't sell it
    but yeah it's so tiny XD ( i live in holland =~=) yours just looks like its bought of dolce deco

  21. That's so cute! Such a great idea.. 'stick some more on top' haha~
    I'm super keen to try this out now! Thanks ^^