Saturday, 11 September 2010

To Hong Kong~ ❤

Heyhey all~ sorry about my blogging (well, lack of ^_^" ).
I've no real excuse either; just not much been happening;
been busy working and saving and nursing wisdom teeth.
And I guess they're not things you(or in fact anyone) would want to hear about.ha

Nowww.. on a much more exciting note~
I'm going to HONG KONG tomorrow!woo~

One of the first things I'm going to do when I get there--
hair cut, dyed and either straightened or re-permed.
Here are a few photos of my hair now.
Dry damaged ends.
Uneven colour.
2-3 inches of roots grown in.
Basically, needs to be sorted!

And get my nails done--
gyaru bling style^^

Actually..I lied. Something 'good' did happen since my last post--
I turned 23!.. which isn't too
Considering a regular at work said she thought i was 26-27 =__="

Right off the pack some more^o^~
~~Back in 2ish weeks~~



  1. have fun kalai :)..
    Happy belated bday
    Take lots of piccies n share with us k. xx

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    You look about your age, thought you were younger!!.. dont know what your coworker is talking about!!

    have fun @ HK :)

  3. happy belated bday =D cute pictures ^^

  4. Hi Kalai! How are you? Whoo HK! I agree pics haha X)

  5. happy birthday have fun in hong kong! my mother is there right now.

    im following now

  6. wow those cupcakes look yummy and your blog is super cute!

  7. Have fun and belated Birthday^^
    I really like how gyaru nails look like but it does destroy ur nails^^;

  8. Happy birthday! And I hope you have a great time in HK. :-)

  9. (Also, cute photos of you as well) :-)

  10. omg omg have fun in HK!!!!!!!
    I MISS HK SO MUCH... I wish I can follow you LOL.

  11. my girlfriend will like it so much these nails things :)

  12. the nail art is so gorgeous!!! so sparkly, love it :)
    drey jewelry.