Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New City New Job


It's May; and this is my first post of the year!
I'm sitting in my new bedroom;
in a 4storey house- sharing with 10 (nice) strangers.
I live a 25-minute-walk away from my new job;
in a new city..

Things have just fallen in the right places for me.
I originally planned on moving in Summer;
to be closer to my boyfriend.
But before I even started looking for a job;
I got offered a job;
to work for Kiehl's since 1851,
in a brand new boutique in Leeds!!

^ in Victoria Quarter in Leeds
^few weeks before opening;


Kiehl's since 1851
Grand Opening - 4th April 2011

Kiehl's balloons on VQ~
Candy floss stall for the day:)


Been in Leeds about a month now.
Still not totally settled in
but everything/everyone
has been great~
I do miss my family and friends in Newcastle.
But they are only a phone call or 2hour ride away~
This move is exactly what I needed~
something out of my comfort zone,

^some love I received before my leave;
from friends, family, colleagues, even customers~xx
^love from Suki and Celia~xxx


So what have I been up to in Leeds?
Not much so far..
being gay and loved up..

..enoying the sun..
..and having fun at work..
dressing Nr.Bones for Royal Wedding~


..I have missed reading too many blog posts T__T
I couldn't possibly catch up. sorry.
But I will be more actively reading and blogging from now~~

Thank you for reading!
and still following!!



  1. Glad that your back :) Hope you will update more often. Good luck with new job and place to live. I can already sense that since your sitting in your new badroom updating your blog :P Tell us how you like working for kiehls!

  2. welcome back ^^ good luck in leeds =] the cupcakes look yummy!

    btw the app is called pudding camera, it's korean, you should get it when u get your iphone ^^

  3. welcome back! wish you the best for the new job! :)