Tuesday, 3 May 2011

{Beauty} EOS Max Pure Brown Circle Lenses Review


I stopped wearing Circle Lenses
and putting on full makeup for a few months.
Just didn't have the time~
Today, with a WHOLE day of nothing to do
and no one to see[!] I decided to do a little makeover
and try out my new lenses.


Review - EOS Max Pure Brown Circle Lenses
I bought this pair from Candylens.com

Comfort -
Very comfy. Can wear these up to 6hrs without feeling dry.
Hurts when you put them in inside out;
which is understandable =__=
Enlargement - ❤❤❤
14.5mm diameter. Good enlargement.
Makes eyes look really dolly ^__^
Colour - ❤❤❤
Really nice natural honey brown colour
which goes darker at the edges.
Really suits and enhances my dark brown eyes.
Design - ❤❤❤
Very natural, subtle colour with effective dolly-look.

These are my new favourites.
They make my eyes look so big and pretty;
but 'natural' too- my boyfriend knew something was different
but didn't realise it was my lenses.^^
He could tell with my GEO nudy brown and black lenses.


Just thought I'd share a pic of my makeup box~
I bought this for moving from Ebay. I love it^^~


If you're a kpop fan, I'm sure you will have heard
SM Town Live concert is taking place in Paris; 10th June.
We got tickets!^^~ It is an hours plane ride away
and will be expensive to stay.. but it's closer than Korea~so yey~


Hope everyone is having a good day~
Thanks for reading~



  1. you look so cute and dolly with the lenses!

  2. Love ur lens review.. i am also wearing circle lens.. but haven tried the ones u wore... haha.. currently wearing disposable ones.. which is super comfy~

    Twitter: winwin0_0

  3. Welcome back! :) I love how natural these lenses look on you. Congrats on your new job and have fun at the concert!

  4. your hair is looking lovely <3 i wish mine was as long as yours!
    i can't believe you got tickets :( i'm so jealous right now hahaa! but not really - i would've been too much of a cheaparse to buy tix :) have fun!

  5. Love the lenses-very natural looking but bright! I actually came across your blog through your post about your cartilage piercing. I got mine done a few weeks ago. Did yours fully heal and did you constantly do sea salt soaks?

  6. Thanks for getting back to me! Does your piercing still hurt?

  7. I really love the background of your blog! It's so romantic and feminine. :)

  8. aw you're so lucky you got tickets! hope you have a great time ^^

  9. Those lens look amazing on you! Hope you had lots of fun at smtown!

  10. Omg they look so natural and pretty! I really love circle lens posts for some reason haha. I only end up buying more lols! I'm about to do one soon too! x

  11. the contact lens look great on you, it's settle and makes your eyes bigger and flirtier! love!

  12. Pretty!

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