Tuesday, 9 August 2011

{Holiday} Costa Blanca ❤

3weeks has past since I returned from
a beautiful holiday in Costa Blanca.
My tan has faded to a sun-kissed glow;
and after a week or so of holiday blues
all has resumed to the norm^^

We stayed our first few days at my boyfriend's mums;
beautiful home; in the tranquil valley of Guadalest.

Being a tourist at Guadalest~

Sitting in the sun; painting~
Meer; was one of the 4 cats with 2 dogs and 14 chickens at the house.lol

Then we stayed our last few nights at a hotel; in Albir; at the beach^^

I had a wonderful time away~ very relaxing~ very lazy~
but I'm glad I'm back.
It was just the right dose of eating extravagantly,
drinking 1euro bottles of wine and sleeping under the sun I needed.


  1. Omg so beautiful and relaxing! Glad you had a wonderful time. All the pictures look amazing and you look beautiful :D

  2. looks grand and tranquil, glad you had a good time :). Hope u all nice and refreshed.

  3. Aw what an awesome vacation. Your boyfriend's mom house is super cool and the cat is so cute. You guys look adorable together.