Friday, 12 August 2011

{Beauty} New hairstyle??


I'm getting bored of my hair.
Colour is uneven, roots are inches long, ends are dry/damaged:(
I need to book an appointment at the hairdressers soon!!

But what should I have done?

I'm thinking of dying my hair lighter and getting a trim-
I got my wig out the other day.
the one I wore for my Alice in Wonderland dress up.-
I like the colour (I'm thinking bit darker) but what do you think about the fringe?
It makes me look so young, right?



  1. I'm thinking of a new change too ^^

  2. The wig is cute. I think you look great with bangs.

  3. i think that looks great on you!!
    im loving the bangs actually :)

  4. hair style of wig is really cute and yea i think that colour lil darker wud suit u :)


  5. You look cute with that wig but maybe a haircut that doesn't look as much like the wig since you have it already :P? I think you will look cute either with bangs or not! But that color is niceee!

  6. you look so different in the photo. but even more cuter! love the hair colour :) definitely looks good on you